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Get Rich at Rich Girl Code Academy. Learn Entrepreneurship and How to Build Wealth.

"Where The Rich Girls Learn, Earn & Flourish."



About the Academy

Rich Girl Code Academy is dedicated to turning women like you into POWERHOUSE leaders and entrepreneurs. With DIY online learning, you will develop entrepreneurial and wealth building skills that will benefit you and your legacy for generations.

"Where the Rich Girls Learn, Earn, & Flourish."

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P: 702-758-5511


Las Vegas, NV 89104


Jasmine S. , CA

"Rich Girl Code Academy wasn't just a learning experience; it was a life transformation. As a member, I gained not only the technical know-how to start my business but also the confidence to lead it. The lessons on financial literacy and legal structure were game-changers for me. Because of RGCA, I'm now the proud owner of a growing online boutique with a vision for expansion that I never thought possible."

Angela Morgan, LV

"The investment module at Rich Girl Code Academy was a revelation. I learned how to manage my business finances in a way that allowed me to invest wisely. Fast forward two years, and I've not only built a successful marketing firm but also generated substantial wealth through savvy investments in real estate. I am living proof that the education RGCA provides can lead to true wealth."

Lisa Driver, MI

"Enrolling in Rich Girl Code Academy on a flexible payment plan was the best decision I've ever made. As a single mother, funds were tight, but RGCA's accommodating options gave me the chance I needed. Their comprehensive business training empowered me to launch my own catering company. I've since quit my day job, and I'm on the brink of buying our first investment property. RGCA didn't just educate me; they changed our lives for generations to come."


Learn top skills from experienced guidance in an online environment.

Customized online courses for learning entrepreneurship at any level, from beginner to advanced.

High quality DIY resources, tools, and strategies on our platform make the learning experience enjoyable.

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Collaboration Over Competition

At Rich Girl Code Academy, we're all about lifting each other up, because when one member wins, we all win. Our teachings focus on joining forces, not fighting for the spotlight. We're rewriting the rules of the game, where networking and mutual support are the keys to an empire builders success. Here, it's collaboration for the win, every time. That's how we rise, together, while making an impact and becoming POWERHOUSES! "Building Bonds & Empires." - RGCA

How It Works


Log Onto Rich Girl Code Academy, signup, enroll and create your profile


Complete the onboarding process. Join necessary groups, courses, & download files.


Schedule your 1on1 million-dollar mentorship session. Begin building your empire!



What is Rich Girl Code Academy?

Rich Girl Code Academy is a revolutionary online education platform that provides innovative entrepreneurial curriculum designed to equip and empower women who are interested in entering the world of entrepreneurship and generational wealth building.


What courses does Rich Girl Code Academy offer?

Rich Girl Code Academy offers a variety of courses in entrepreneurship, portfolio building , and other related areas. Additionally, we offer specialized elective courses in topics such as small business development, business funding, wealth creation and financial sustainability.


Does Rich Girl Code Academy provide personalized instruction?

Yes! Rich Girl Code Academy provides both individual and group instruction and allows students to customize their learning experience to best meet their individual needs.


What types of payment options are available?

Rich Girl Code Academy accepts various payment methods including major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Afterpay for online payment plans.


How long are the courses?

The length of each course varies depending on the curriculum and the student's individual goals and learning pace.


Can I Cancel & Get A Refund?

Please note that all enrollment sales are considered final. Given that our platform is digital in nature, members are granted complete access to our extensive multimillion-dollar dataset upon enrollment. As a result, we are unable to process refunds once membership fees have been paid.


What resources are available to help me succeed?

In addition to personalized instruction from our expert educators, Rich Girl Code Academy provides access to a variety of top of the line online resources such as entrepreneurship challenges, tutorials, downloads, videos, audios and action steps to help each student reach their individual goals.


Will I Really Get Rich By Becoming A Member?

YES! When you join Rich Girl Code Academy, we assure you that the enrichment you'll experience is primarily of a mental nature. We equip you with the necessary tools, resources, and strategies to potentially build generational wealth. However, the key factor is your commitment to taking action and putting in the effort. Our academy has successfully assisted numerous members in achieving financial prosperity, but it's those who wholeheartedly embrace our offerings, take consistent action, and remain dedicated who have witnessed significant results.


Get your hustle on from home with these 5 solo biz moves! At Rich Girl Code Academy, we're all about making those dreams come true. Need the right tools, resources, and know-how to make it big? We got you. This little freebie is your starter kit to bossing up and building that life you're meant to live. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get you started on that entrepreneurial path today, with RGCA holding you down every step of the way! Grab this 30% SPECIAL OFFER while it lasts!!!!


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